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6th CBSE
7th CBSE
8th CBSE
9th CBSE
10th CBSE
6th ICSE
7th ICSE
8th ICSE
9th ICSE
10th ICSE
6th Foundation NTSE
7th Foundation NTSE
8th Foundation NTSE
9th Foundation NTSE
10th NTSE
NTSE Test Series
Aus. Edu.
Foundation program for Class 9th
IMO-Mathematics Olympiad
6th IMO
7th IMO
8th IMO
9th IMO
10th IMO
Central Goverment Service
Foundation program for Railways
Foundation program for SSC
ISO - Science Olympiads
6th ISO
7th ISO
8th ISO
9th ISO
10th ISO
Banking And Insurance
Foundation program for Bank
Foundation program for Bank Advanced
MBA Entrance
Common Admission Test
Law Entrance
Common Law Admission Test
English Proficiency
6th English Proficiency
7th English Proficiency
8th English Proficiency
9th English Proficiency
10th English Proficiency
English Proficiency For Employment
Reasoning Proficiency
6th Reasoning Proficiency
7th Reasoning Proficiency
8th Reasoning Proficiency
9th Reasoning Proficiency
10th Reasoning Proficiency
Reasoning Proficiency For Employment
Self Learning
No Preview
STUDENT FEEDBACK - Yatharthi Sharma C/o ABHYAS Academy
I have spent a wonderful time in Abhyas academy. It has made my reasoning more apt, English more stronger and Maths an interesting subject for me. It has given me a habbit of self studying
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