Frequently Asked Questions by Institutions
How can I be a part of ABHYAS Family?

You can call us at 9416541198 to know further details and we will revert back to you.Moreover, you can send your detail online to enable us to know your personal details. To submit enquiry, click here.

What is Abhyas K10 Framework ?

Abhyas provides a framework to their partners with a High Standard Curriculum and well-researched approach to ensure growth in student learning outcomes. At the same time, however, innovative technologies and approaches are creating new opportunities for K–10 education, Abhyas provides personalized learning, digital tools, and so-called wraparound support programs—with an emphasis on concepts, after-school tutoring.

Abhyas Methodology is delivering individualized student experiences and ensuring that children have the necessary support to learn and thrive.

How Abhyas K10 Framework deliver magical student learning outcomes?

Our K–10 framework helps schools, teachers, institutions and academies to fundamentally reorganize, restructure, and rethink how they deliver K–10 education. The framework combines the drivers that directly impact student outcomes with the enabling elements, such as personalized learning, that create the right context for change.

Not all educational inputs are alike. Abhyas K–10 framework brings together everyone in the local education ecosystem - School Management, Principals, Teachers, Students and Parents—and creates a team that is committed to improving student outcomes. Abhyas Framework incorporates six elements to bring quality education along with the management of the students and teacher at a minimal cost.

What I will get from Abhyas as Mission and Vision Partner?

As a Mission and Vision Partner (MVP) with Abhyas, you will get:

1. Teacher Capability System which supports teachers with:

  • World class content with in class questions and ranking to improve classroom experience and save their time.
  • Ready-made testing as home assignment with analytical report comprising  of weak, moderate and strong concepts of the students.
  • The report helps in planning the next session and ensures improvement in the students.
  • 2.  Sufficient Resources which supports teachers and student with:

  •  Each chapter of the school curriculum is divided into modules
  • The modules are further divided into concepts
  • Adequate content is provided with subjective and objective tests for each and every module.
  • 3.  Student Progress Monitoring System: 

            Abhyas K-10 Framework contains a lot of features to track student and class progress. This includes

  • Comprehensive reports about assignments, assessments and homework as well as a detailed analysis of the examination performance of students. The teacher gets a report about the weak concepts of each student.
  • This helps teachers and school management to get an overall picture of what the real state of students is. Also, this provides an insight to teachers about how well students are performing in the concepts taught by them. If teachers find that most students are going wrong in a particular concept, they can arrange for remedial classes for such concepts and help students gain proficiency in the same.
  • Extraction of this type of reports on daily basis and after each and every test manually is nearly impossible.
  • 4.  Schedule and Time Table Planning:

             Abhyas K-10 Framework allows

  •  The school management to plan the schedule and timetable for each section of the class. The school management can also view the time table at a single click.
  • Pre-decided lesson plans and syllabus completion plans helps the teacher to focus completely on teaching.
  • The school management can analyse the course progress with complete and partial pendency for each and every section of the school at a single click 24 X 7 which is not possible manually.
  • 5.  Examination and Analysis Module:

            Generally teachers spend a lot of time preparing assignments and a follow up with students for submissions.

  •  Abhyas K-10 Framework provides question papers with solved answer keys along with the feature to make your own question papers in a single click.
  • Complete examination monitoring system is provided to track the flow of the paper checking and distribution. The report is available to the School management at 24 X 7
  • Analysis module provides the weak, moderate and strong areas of the complete section and also of the individual student that all at a single click and 24 X 7
  • 6. Attendance and Fees Management Module:

           Abhyas Framework provides an integrated attendance and fees management module

  • The teacher marks the attendance of the students present in the class. The school management can view the attendance.
  • The school management, principal and the teacher can send an SMS to the parents about the absence of the student. This is facility can be activated as per there requirement
  • An automated fees management system in the Abhyas Framework can increase the revenue of the school without any extra cost.
    Which Modules will be provided to me as Mission and Vision Partner?

    1. Teacher Capability System

    2.  Sufficient Resources which supports teachers and student

    3.  Student Progress Monitoring System

    4.  Schedule and Time Table Planning

    5.  Examination and Analysis Module

    6. Attendance and Fees Management Module and many more

    Frequently Asked Questions by Parents
    Why it is better from the traditional education system?
    It is diffrent from tradional education system because here in our learning there are advantages of flexibility. Mostly students are able to grasp the information received when they benefit from increased flexibility.They do not have to sit continuously for long time at the same place to gather knowledge. They can do it by breakdown of their schedule.
    How can you help my child to crack NTSE?
    Only Mantra to crack NTSE is to take proper guidance about the process of exam and conceptual knowledge regarding it. Most important skill for NTSE preparation is developing analytical thinking which no school is adherencing to.Moreover You can not qualify the exam with traditional education practices like cramming or rote learning. But Abhyas acaddemy will help you throughout the process and make your child capable to crack it.
    Can I view the progress of my child online?

    Yes, You can. Parent will be provided a login and password to view the progress of their child for all the texts attempted. Parent can also view the progress of Subjective, Objective, Time Bound, Time Table, etc.

    Can I view the detail of papers not attempted by my child?

    Yes, you can. This will help you to know the progress of their child that whether he/she is attempting all the papers intime or lagging behind, so that you can guide and sit with him/her to attempt the tests with in time.

    Frequently Asked Questions by Students
    How this learning will help me in future?
    We provide bridge courses for Class 6th to 10th to crack future competitions like we train your mind conceptually in such a way so that you can solve the Questionarie in short time like you do in competitive exams for further.
    What are benefits of ABHYAS Methodology?
    ABHYAS Methodology brings unparalleled results in student who are currently in Class 6th to 10th class.
    What do a Parent will get from Abhyas?

    A separate Login will be provided to the Parent to know the progress of their ward at any given time. The progress of all the exams attempted by their child will be visible along with String, Moderate and Weak Concepts.

    How can I enroll myself in Abhyas online?
    You can enroll yourself by paying the required payment online.
    What are the benefits in Abhyas?
    In Abhyas Academy, we provide knowledge for Maths, Science, Reasoning, English and Social Science. Teaching is solely based on concepts. Students performance starts improving by following ABHYAS Methodology.
    Which subjects are available on AbhyasOnline ?
    We provide Conceptual Teaching followed by Analytical Testing for Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English Grammar, Social Science, Reasoning with Vedic Maths to our users.
    I am getting high grades in School. Whether I should be a user at AbhyasOnline?
    Yes, you should be a user at ABHYASONLINE to get more in-depth knowledge. Your performance will be checked regularly and remedial papers will be provided online. Conceptual knowledge taken upto 10th class is helpful in cracking future competitive exams.
    How can I give remedial papers for the Weak Concepts that have been identified in the Analysis ?
    The user can Click on Remedial Button in the Weak Areas tab of the Analysis, Remedial Papers will be generated automaticaly comprising on the questions based on the Weak Concepts identified. This improves the performance of the user as the user can attempt the Remedial Test after a revision of the concepts.
    How can I get offline written exam analysis ?
    Offline Written Exam Analysis is available online in the Student Dashboard. Detailed Analysis will be provided to the students to know his performance in 1 mark, 2 marks questions and so on. This gives a clear picture to the students that where he is not performing well. The student can focus on those areas hence his grades will improve.
    I want to know the complete syllabus to be taught in the Academy. Is it possible?
    Yes, you can view the complete syllabus of the current month and previous months online from the portal at any time. The syllabus for Maths, Science, English, Social Science, Reasoning will be available for every month.
    I was not able to attend the class today due to some reason. Whether I will be provided class notes and papers online in my login?
    Yes, you will be able to view class notes, presentations and online exam papers in the login after class is held in the Institute. The student should study from the notes and then attempt the paper assigned to him.
    What is WISE-FA and WISE-PT?
    WISE is short name for Where I Stand In Education?. WISE-FA are Formative Assessment of that topic and WISE-PT are Practice Tests assigned by us after every 10 days covering all the concepts taught in the class for all subjects in that time period.
    Whether I will get any additional notes other than what is being taught in the class?
    Yes, every student will be provided typed class notes for each module. Class Notes will also be available in student login during the class schedule. Students can also download class notes.
    I want to appear for competitive examination in 10+2. How Abhyas will be helpful to me to achieve my ambition?
    We provide conceptual knowledge to the students on Maths, Science, English, Social Science and Reasoning. All the subjects are taught with the methodology to give the students the best in terms of Class Notes, Online Papers, Assignments, etc. Students are benefitted with this and ultimately improves their ranks which help them in future competitions.
    What topics will be covered in Reasoning?
    Reasoning generates confidence to solve questions. Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning topics will be taught. A few of them are Series, Analogy, Classificaton, Arrangement, Dice, Cubes, Coding Decoding, Arithmetic Reasoning, Blood Relation, etc. and many more.

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