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Whether student should think of NTSE?

Dear Reader,

   National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is the most prestigious Scholarship Exam conducted by National Council of Education and Training (NCERT) conducted in 10th Class. NTSE exam is conducted in two stages. First stage is conducted at State level and toppers of State are selected to appear for Second stage. Each State has a quota for selection based on the population and enrolment ratio of Xth graders. Now, the question is whether student should think of cracking NTSE ? My answer is --- YES.

   Thinking of cracking NTSE is easy but to crack NTSE is very difficult. You can also realise the fact that the students who will crack NTSE in future are not different from you. Only difference is attitude, guidance and motivation being given to them from their parents, teachers and mentors. Now, you will ask a question that how To crack NTSE? Dear Reader, I feel that the student should have the habit of solving high level questions on daily basis and keep himself motivated. Only mantra to crack NTSE is to take proper guidance from your teachers and learn concepts instead of Rote Learning. Rote Learning can give you marks in the School but to crack NTSE, you need to know HOW, WHY, WHAT? These (HOW, WHY, WHAT?) must be coming into your mind but may be you are not able to get the right answer. Due to this, most of the Students cram (Rote Learn) topics instead of understanding. Consult your guiding force (mentor/teacher) or call me to get the answer for all your queries. I know that this is not an easy task, but this is also the fact that one cannot succeed without learning concepts and thinking differently. You know that :


   Keep this mantra in mind. I understand that many new questions must be coming into your mind. Donot worry and start attempting good high-level questions on daily basis. You will feel yourself motivated and energetic when you will get answer to all your queries. Make a habit of understanding. This may be difficult for the time being but is 100% required to crack NTSE or any competition. After understaning concepts, you will feel yourself conceptually strong as you know much more than your classmates. So, Dear Student, think about it and start preparing for NTSE. Usually, NTSE does not ask questions from topics which you donot know. Subjects in NTSE are the same as in 10th Class besides one extra topic which is Reasoning. Other subjects are Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Democratic Politics and Geography. Go through the topics detail from internet and for any help, you can call me anytime.

   Dear Reader, my personal aim is to give every student conceptual knowledge to give them confidence and courage to crack NTSE. Many students contacted me that they donot have time for NTSE preparation. This is not true. Make a proper Time Manegement plan. Time Management is to be learnt as soon as possible and to be applied whole heartedly. Donot take guidance from your friends. Usually, friends demotivate you that there is no need to think for NTSE and School education is sufficient. Please donot think what your friends are saying? So, aspirants should pull up their socks to start preparation to crack NTSE.

   We at Abhyas, emphasize more on the need to design and provide well structured conceptual knowledge. With us, you become part of a powerful force that will propel your conceptual knowledge to crack future competitions like NTSE / JEE / PMT / NEET and others.

Mrs. Anu Sethi, M.Sc. (Physics),
Head, Abhyas Academy, Ambala

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