Class VI onwards is right time to start building a strong conceptual foundation to crack future competitive exams

   Hi !!!! In the present scenario, it is becoming very difficult for the students and parents to decide the direction they should take so as to shape a successful career. In which ever field the student wants to pursue his higher education, the number of good colleges are limited. The student has to appear for different competitive exams to get admission to a prestigious Institution. Cracking a competitive exam is a frightening and discouraging task. These exams aim to assess the aspirants’ skills like determination, patience, and time management and zeal to grab the desired seat despite all odds. Accomplishing this task requires preparing a huge amount of syllabus of the exam in a limited amount of time. The student requires a strategy and successful are those who make the best use of the available time.

   • Escape the rat race : Academic Tests conducted in School are not able to identify the weak areas of the students, and hence these weak areas are left unattended. Moreover during the age when these concepts are being built, children are not mature enough to identify their weakness. As no remedial action plan is available, this weakness which could have been improved, becomes a big problem and affects their careers.

   • The competitive exams require a strong conceptual knowledge, a focused mindset, and a thorough understanding of subjects and ability to apply the concepts. Students face numerous challenges in overcoming these difficulties. Hence, the students are not able to get admission in the colleges of their choice.

   • To ensure success in competitive exams, it is important for the student, parent and the teacher to start identifying the weak areas as early as possible. To begin with, they should have a focused goal. With a fixed goal they should study each and every concept in depth and should then undergo an analytic test based on only those concepts. They should thoroughly study the analytical report and should then take the remedial action plan.

   • The ideal time to start identifying weakness is when the child enters the grade VI. This the age when the student comes across the various concepts required for the competitive exams. At this stage, students are mature enough to undergo analytical testing and take remedial action plan. Moreover, the concepts introduced in this class curriculum and above are the fundamentals on which the foundation of higher education is laid. Secondly, there is enough time to work on the weak concepts and follow corrective steps to improve them for a bright future.

   • ABHYASONLINE.IN provides concept based Learning and Testing Platform the builds a strong foundation for future excellence. WE provide an Innovative modularized curriculum developed after years of experience. Ours methodology inculcates the habit of understanding rather than rote learning in the children.


   Hi !!!! I would like to discuss a fact that why a student, who is performing Good at school level, is generally not able to get good rank in competitions. We have analysed during our interaction with students and parents that main reason behind this is that "Competitive exams are testing the conceptual understanding of the students whereas the school examination is more on Subjective pattern". Just to get good marks in School, student tries to learn what is being taught in the school. Most of the times, student and even the parents do not know Strong and Weak areas of the child as there is no analytic testing being done. We at ABHYAS tried to overcome this problem. We have divided whole class syllabus into modules and each module comprises of certain concepts related to module. As per teaching Schedule when the teacher teaches any module in a class, he/she will mark the concepts that have been taught in the class. A conceptual WISE-Formative Assessment (FA) test is generated and assigned to students having question of varying difficulty level of the concepts that have been taught by the teacher in the Class. As soon as child attempts WISE-FA, a detailed analysis is made available to Student. Now, student is able to know his/her Strong, Moderate and Weak areas. Moreover, Remedial test can be generated of the Weak areas which the student can attempt after revising the weak areas.

   The parent also know the strength and weakness of their child online. This will help them to improve Weak Areas of the child which is basically required for future competitions. During Class 6th to 10th, generally students are not mature enough to put sincere efforts, but our analytic testing platform, parent can monitor and motivate their child to improve Weak areas.

   On the basis of Analytical Testing Analysis, a consolidate report is available to concerned teacher and Academty Head. The concepts which had appeared as Weak Areas for most of the students, are discussed in the next class. If the teacher find that a particular student has not understood most of the concepts, individual remedial class is planned and the message is sent to the parent.

   This Methodology can be adopted by distant students also who can register themselves as online students on our website. The students will learn concepts from SELF LEARNING PRODUCT as per his/her convenience and generate WISE-FA after reading and understanding concepts. The detailed analysis will appear after each test to know Weak Areas. Remedial tests can also be generated for Weak Areas.

   It is a fact that ABHYAS Methodology is the best for students for future competitions.

Transform Your Math Instruction – Vedic Maths

   Mathematics is one such division that involves thinking and mind is used at its best. Most of the students studying the conventional mathematics can solve problems, but they may not be able to solve basic mathematical problems quickly and correctly. Reason for this is – lack of basic concept clarity. Besides conventional way, Vedic Maths provides basic clarity so that overall learning can be improved. For this, we should learn Rules (SUTRAS) of Vedic Maths created by our ancient great mathematicians.

   Vedic Mathematics was not known to the world but with an increase of interest in ancient Sanskrit text, ancient Vedic Mathematics has been acknowledged by teachers and students to do calculations fastly and correctly. Vedic Maths contains great mathematical formulas known as SUTRAS.

   Vedic mathematics has given a new approach to mathematics. In India also, it is taught in many schools and is very useful. Without a doubt, there are many advantages of learning Vedic Mathematics. Students develop problem solving ability and it also leads to the development of creative intelligence.

   Let’s Learn Vedic Maths.

NTSE Scholar – Respect in Society

   National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is the most prestigious scholarship exam in 10th Class. It is conducted in two stages. The first stage is conducted in each and every State and Union Territory and few toppers are selected from the large pool of students to appear for stage-2. Each state has a particular quota for selection based on the population and enrolment ratio of Xth graders.

How to clear NTSE Stage – 1 Examination?

   Every year, a large number of students of 10th graders participate in the Stage-1 exam and a meagre students are selected from the huge set of students to take part in stage-2. Out of these, only around 1000 students (as per data available) become eligible for award of scholarship. This means that the final selection rate is very-very less. This is why NTSE scholar tag demands lot of respect in Indian society. It requires two things: Dedication and Smart-work. Split focus equally on all topics: MAT, Math, Science and Social.

MAT (Mental Ability Testing): Make sure that you’re thorough with “All types of questions” in both Verbal and Non-Verbal. Be careful about the tricky parts.

Maths: Understand concepts and apply them. Do not panic. Read good author books and solve each and every question with understanding.

Science : Science is a lovely subject, if studied properly. It does require a lot of interest on the reader’s part for the concepts to be assimilated well. To get an idea of the level of the questions, solve previous year question papers. Just to be on the safer side, read up extra stuff on some of the important chapters like – Light/Motion in physics, Basic chemistry and in Biology focus on Life processes. This should be more than enough.

Social Science : The best strategy would be to cover as many topics as possible as questions from this section are not twisted. Go through NCERT Books from Class-8th onwards.

All the best to all for NTSE !!!!!
May success be yours!!

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The methodology of Abhyas academy is nice. The teachers over here explain us the chapter so nicely and accurately so that we can tell the whole chapter in class before the teacher in the class tell up. They always build us to be the topper.
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