Just Focus on Teaching - Let ABHYAS Identify Weak Concepts of Student
 Nov 12, 2022   Admin

Teacher has many students to teach, due to students being large in number teacher is unable to keep check on individual progress. Teacher has approximately 40 minutes for class and within those 40 minutes she/he have to teach syllabus and take attendance and check notebooks and list goes on ...
Thus it becomes very challenging for a teacher to check each individual progress. At the same time we are aware of the fact that most of time students hesitate to ask questions for doubt clarification due to fear of getting scolded thus weak area persists, which not only reduce marks of students but also makes student unable to understand the current concepts as their previous concepts are not clear. Thus, there exist a gap between the students and teacher, so even if student is working hard the rate of success is quite less.
The teacher can bridge the gap by adopting Abhyas K-10 Framework. It contains a lot of features to track student and class progress, which will not only reduce burden but will provide an insight for the remedial action plan and teacher can focus on clearing the common doubt. Abhyas Framework provides comprehensive reports about assignments, assessments and homework as well as a detailed analysis of the examination performance of each student. The teacher gets a report about the weak concepts of each student and take action to clear that weak concept. Most important is that teacher don’t need hours to check this report, this task can be completed by just a single click.
Thus, Abhyas Student Progress Monitoring System helps teachers and school management to get an overall picture of what the real state of students is. Also, this provides an insight to teachers about how well students are performing in the concepts taught by them. If teachers find that most students are going wrong in a particular concept, they can arrange for remedial classes for such concepts and help students gain proficiency in the same and teacher can also mark attendance of students. As result teacher can fully dedicate their time to teaching instead of worrying about other activities.
Extraction of this type of reports on daily basis and after each and every test manually is nearly impossible, as teacher cannot test, check homework, assessments, clear doubts and teach the curriculum within limited period of 45 minutes.
Abhyas Student Progress Monitoring System not only provides ease to teacher and make teacher focus more on teaching then other activities and it also saves time and give detailed analysis of each individual.

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