Traditional Teaching V/s Analytical Test Based Teaching

Any School or a coaching institute’s success lies in the success of their students in any exam. To achieve this objective the institutes/ schools apply various strategies. A predefined syllabus scheduling and systematic teaching and learning approach with analytical testing helps students achieve their target quickly.
Classroom teaching is ineffective if it is not followed by a conceptual practice test aligned with what is taught in the class. A test which is inconsistent with the content taught and vice versa will not bring the required results.
Traditional class room teaching lacks to achieve this aim. Many institutes / school use different course ware components like books, testing tools for assessments which are not aligned with each other. This becomes quite challenging to integrate lessons taught in the class and the test that follows. Moreover if the assessment is delayed the benefits of the testing are reduced.
It brings unparalleled results in the learning outcomes of the student if teaching is followed by an analytical test of the topics taught in the class. An analytical test helps teachers identify what needs to be taught in class and what to expect from students in the practice tests. Every lesson taught by Abhyas M&V partner is associated with a WISE-FA an MCQ practice test, which helps every stakeholder identify learning gaps after the classes.
Abhyas content has been conceptualized by researchers with 20+ years of experience. The content has been divided into topics. Tutorial, worksheet assignments both objective and subjective along with answer keys are available to its partner centers for the hassle free working of the faculties. Analysis for both objective and subjective assessment tools is available to bridge the learning gaps and hence achieve the objective of quality education
When the assessments are built keeping in mind what is taught in the class, then it is easier to identify whether the lesson's aims are achieved or not. This clarity in the outcomes and reports helps teachers and students devise appropriate remedial actions. It also provides feedback to students for corrective actions at each stage of the learning process.

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