Self-learning: A New Beginning - Today Prerequisite
 Nov 06, 2022   Admin

Do you also go to school, college but still can’t understand concept/ get less score? Why does student get less score or forget what you learned in day?
Teacher may guide you but without doing self-study, student can never understand concept without studying it by himself.
Self-learning means learning without any teacher by yourself at your own convenience at anytime and anyplace. ABHYAS Self-learning program not only help student with studies but also make student ready for future goals.
Students not only need self-study for their education but also for their future job, for preparation of competitive exams and so on. Self-learning becomes necessary as: -
1.    Helps to know your study needs:  Every student has his/ her own study needs such as: What time the student is most productive? What time he is free? What are his strong concepts? What is his weak concept?
2.    Helps to identify weak areas: when we talk about studies, it is inevitable that there must be some weak areas and some strong areas. In self – learning, each individual can identify his or her weak concepts. While learning from teacher provides knowledge but identify weak area or strength.
3.    Saves resources: sometimes in guided learning, teacher is teaching the concept which student already know which waste the time and resources but if a student will study by himself, he won’t waste resources on his strong concept but will utilize his time and resources on his weak concepts.
4.    Helps to focus on & improve weak areas:  since student is doing self-learning, he can do his studies on his pace, he may only need to focus on his weak areas and work hard to improve those weak areas.
Student can find most of the study materials online.  But ABHYAS platform provides study material in conceptualize the topic into three mini concepts, which student can understand easily. Thus, student can achieve success very fast. While self-learning there is privacy as what student does is just known to himself only, but how student perform in any physical class will be known to others.
Self-learning not only builds confidence but also self-discipline as self-learning not only needs hard work but consistency. It is on par with guided learning.


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