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I would like to discuss a fact that why a student, who is performing Good at school level, is generally not able to get good rank in competitions.
We have analysed during our interaction with students and parents that main reason behind this is that "Competitive exams are testing the conceptual understanding of the students whereas the school examination is more on Subjective pattern". Just to get good marks in School, student tries to learn what is being taught in the school. Most of the times, student and even the parents do not know Strong and Weak areas of the child as there is no analytic testing being done. We at ABHYAS tried to overcome this problem. We have divided whole class syllabus into modules and each module comprises of certain concepts related to module. As per teaching Schedule when the teacher teaches any module in a class, he/she will mark the concepts that have been taught in the class. A conceptual WISE-Formative Assessment (FA) test is generated and assigned to students having question of varying difficulty level of the concepts that have been taught by the teacher in the Class. As soon as child attempts WISE-FA, a detailed analysis is made available to Student. Now, student is able to know his/her Strong, Moderate and Weak areas. Moreover, Remedial test can be generated of the Weak areas which the student can attempt after revising the weak areas.
   The parent also know the strength and weakness of their child online. This will help them to improve Weak Areas of the child which is basically required for future competitions. During Class 6th to 10th, generally students are not mature enough to put sincere efforts, but our analytic testing platform, parent can monitor and motivate their child to improve Weak areas.
   On the basis of Analytical Testing Analysis, a consolidate report is available to concerned teacher and Academty Head. The concepts which had appeared as Weak Areas for most of the students, are discussed in the next class. If the teacher find that a particular student has not understood most of the concepts, individual remedial class is planned and the message is sent to the parent.
   This Methodology can be adopted by distant students also who can register themselves as online students on our website. The students will learn concepts from SELF LEARNING PRODUCT as per his/her convenience and generate WISE-FA after reading and understanding concepts. The detailed analysis will appear after each test to know Weak Areas. Remedial tests can also be generated for Weak Areas.
It is a fact that ABHYAS Methodology is the best for students for future competitions.

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