Class VI onwards is right time to start building a strong conceptual foundation to crack future competitive exams

In the present scenario, it is becoming very difficult for the students and parents to decide the direction they should take so as to shape a successful career. In which ever field the student wants to pursue his higher education, the number of good colleges are limited.
The student has to appear for different competitive exams to get admission to a prestigious Institution. Cracking a competitive exam is a frightening and discouraging task. These exams aim to assess the aspirants skills like determination, patience, and time management and zeal to grab the desired seat despite all odds. Accomplishing this task requires preparing a huge amount of syllabus of the exam in a limited amount of time. The student requires a strategy and successful are those who make the best use of the available time.
  • Escape the rat race : Academic Tests conducted in School are not able to identify the weak areas of the students, and hence these weak areas are left unattended. Moreover during the age when these concepts are being built, children are not mature enough to identify their weakness. As no remedial action plan is available, this weakness which could have been improved, becomes a big problem and affects their careers.
  • The competitive exams require a strong conceptual knowledge, a focused mindset, and a thorough understanding of subjects and ability to apply the concepts. Students face numerous challenges in overcoming these difficulties. Hence, the students are not able to get admission in the colleges of their choice.
  • To ensure success in competitive exams, it is important for the student, parent and the teacher to start identifying the weak areas as early as possible. To begin with, they should have a focused goal. With a fixed goal they should study each and every concept in depth and should then undergo an analytic test based on only those concepts. They should thoroughly study the analytical report and should then take the remedial action plan.
  • The ideal time to start identifying weakness is when the child enters the grade VI. This the age when the student comes across the various concepts required for the competitive exams. At this stage, students are mature enough to undergo analytical testing and take remedial action plan. Moreover, the concepts introduced in this class curriculum and above are the fundamentals on which the foundation of higher education is laid. Secondly, there is enough time to work on the weak concepts and follow corrective steps to improve them for a bright future.
  • ABHYASONLINE.IN provides concept based Learning and Testing Platform the builds a strong foundation for future excellence. WE provide an Innovative modularized curriculum developed after years of experience. Ours methodology inculcates the habit of understanding rather than rote learning in the children.

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