Remedial Testing : BIG BOOSTER
 Nov 04, 2022   Admin

During the teaching-learning process, we have to locate and identify the areas where the learner commits mistakes. It is the crucial stage of the teaching-learning process where you have to Diagnose and prepare student for Remedial Testing to ensure the desired quality of learning.
At this stage the role of a teacher is just like a doctor. The doctor takes all the steps necessary to diagnose the disease by performing different tests and then prescribes medicines for the particular disease. In the case of education, the process of “Diagnostic Testing is the Step and Remedial Testing is the Prescription”. Hence diagnostic testing and remedial testing are very essential for ensuring effective learning and in improving the quality of education,
Every student hope to progress at the same pace as their classmates, but this is typically not the scenario. There are certain students who fall behind, and this is when remedial testing. The purpose of providing remedial testing technique is to provide assistance to the learner so that they do not fall behind and do not develop a “failure” attitude.
We all need the necessary special techniques to help students overcome any learning obstacles and maximize their abilities. The majority of these remedial testing programs are done at all levels, where the knowing the weak concepts of student is the first step in achieving success. Once these issues have been discovered, the ABHYAS implements remedial testing while keeping these issues in mind. The majority of the time, it is thought to benefit the learner. These challenges involve:
1.    Low degree of understanding and poor memorization ability.
2.    lack of interest in learning.
3.    inability to comprehend and follow directions.
4.    inability to understand abstract concepts.
5.    Need more time to finish a specific task (s).
6.    Low self-esteem and low expectations of oneself.
7.    issues with solving problems.
This technique not only improves the knowledge of student. The remedial testing ensures that weak area of students have been dealt with which not only provide ease to teacher but also boosts the Self- Confidence level of student.

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