Criteria for Ideal Fuel

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Criteria for Ideal Fuel

An ideal fuel is the one which must leave less residue (harmful) on burning.Criteria that we use to classify a fuel as ideal  fuel are ;-

Criteria for ideal fuel :-

1. Easily and readily available

2. It is cheap

3. Burns easily in air at moderate rate

4. Produces large amount of heat

5. Burns completely and does not leave any undesirable substance after burning. Substances which meet above criteria are known as ideal fuel. But ideal fuel is not available in practical life. Fuels which meet most of the criteria are considered as good fuel.

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Question : 1

The fuel having lowest calorific values is -

Right Option : B
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Question : 2

Select the quality that a good fuel should posses :

Right Option : A
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Question : 3

Choose the correct statement about inflammable substances from the following. They have

Right Option : C
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