Reaction with Oxygen

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Reaction with Oxygen

Chemical properties of Metals and Non- metals: 

Chemical properties of metals and non-metals can be divided into five categories: reaction with oxygen, reaction with water, reaction with acids, reaction with bases, and displacement reactions.

Reaction with Oxygen:


most metals combine with oxygen to form metal oxides.

Metal + oxygen rightarrow Metal; oxide

Sodium reacts vigorously with the oxygen present in air to form sodium oxide. As a result, it catches fire if left in open. It is, therefore, kept immersed in kerosene.

4Na + O_2 rightarrow 2Na_2O

Magnesium, on heating, burns in air (oxygen) with a dazzling white light to form magnesium oxide.

2Mg + O_2 rightarrow 2MgO

Amphoteric Oxides:

The metallic oxides formed are basic in nature and turn red litmus solution blue but their are some oxides which show both acidic and basic behaviour i.e. react with both acid and base. One of the example of amphoteric oxide is Aluminium oxide. It reacts with acids and base as follows:

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Question : 1

The oxide of non-metal which is neutral is ____________

Right Option : C
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Question : 2

Metals combine with oxygen to produce ____________

Right Option : B
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Question : 3

By nature, what are the oxides of most non-metals?

Right Option : C
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