Global Warming

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Global Warming

As we know that the amount of CO_2 is now increasing due to human activities. Excess carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere traps a lot of heat and leads to warming of the earth’s surface, hence increased temperature. This is called Global Warming.

Global warming can cause melting of ice at the poles. Because of this the sea level can rise and would lead to floods. There is news in the recent newspapers that the Gangotri glacier in the Himalayas had started melting because of global warming. Reduced dependence on fossil fuels and Afforestation are the most important methods of reducing the proportion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and arresting global warming. Global warming has become a major concern for government all over the world. Many countries have reached an agreement to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

Causes of Air pollution are :-

Causes of air pollution can be divided into two :-

1) Man made  2) Natural

Natural causes of Air Pollution :-

Volcanic eruptions :-

They constitute one of the significant natural causes affecting global warming because of the increased release of gases and smoke from the eruptions.

Natural forest fires :-

When significant  scale vegetation burns, it leads to release of stored carbon and a rise in green house gas emission.

Solar activities :-

Changes in wavelength and duration of solar energy or sunspots could also impact over global warming and atmospheric temperature.

Man made causes of Air Pollution :-

High level of Deforestation :-

Deforestation results in increased amount of carbon dioxide gas (CO_2) in atmosphere. As trees and plants are responsible for release of oxygen and absorption of Carbon dioxide gas , thereby maintaining a state of ecological balance.

Due to deforestation absorption of Carbon dioxide gas decreases and ultimately results in imbalance of carbon dioxide gas in atmosphere.

Transportation and use of vehicles :-

Gaseous emissions from cars and vehicles often drive temperature rise by trapping energy, which translate into heat. Such activities come under 'anthropogenic forcing', i.e. human influenced forces.

Emission of Chlorofluorocarbons :-

The atmospheric ozone layer is responsible for protecting the earth's temperature from the sun's harmful UV radiation. Release of such gases like CFC's or Chlorofluorocarbons in the air, damage the ozone layer.

Emission of industries and power plants :-

With the advent of industrialization, the rising usage of electricity and heat results in increased global warming.

Combustion of fossil fuels , overpopulation :-

As population is increasing burden on fossil fuels is also increasing due to increased energy demands. Combustion of fossil fuels results in increased amount of harmful gases in the atmosphere which are the main cause of global warming.

Effects of Global Warming :-

Rise in temperature leading to melting of glaciers :-

Melting of glaciers and snow melts will cause severe water shortages and droughts with higher frequencies giving way to heatwaves and extreme weather conditions in the mid latitudes.

Ecological Risks :-

Global warming has contributed to the extension of drier climatic zones such as deserts in the subtropics. Increased temperature will leads to the extinction of many species and reduced ecological diversity.

The threat to marine life  :

Global warming can lead to the destruction of marine and coral life underwater. Higher content of carbon dioxide in water results in damage to aquatic life.

Health factors :-

There  are various indirect effects such as malnutrition inflicted by crop failures. Scanty rainfall leading to desertification can also cause several diseases due to global warming.

Flooding in low altitude regions :-

Rise in sea level, and high flooding tendencies can damage human habitation and cause mass destruction.

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Which gas plays a major role in global warming ?

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Which of the following option is true ?

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