Conservation of Water

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Conservation of Water

Conservation Of Water

Importance and Need to Water : Our bodies need water for proper functioning. The plants and animals we eat require water as well, so water crisis inevitably become food crisis. As the planet is getting hotter day by day , the demand of water is also increasing . Higher temperature also leads to evaporation of water and reduction in rainfall . Increasing population and misuse of water is also one of the reason of depletion of water bodies. For sustainable use of water we need to conserve water.

Methods of Conserving Water at Individual level 

1. Avoid using shower. Instead use a bucket and mug for taking bath.

2. While brushing your teeth, do not leave the tap open.

3. Never pour water down the drain when there may be another use for it, such as watering a plant or cleaning.

4. When washing dishes by hand, do not leave the water running for rinsing.

5. Do not use drinking water to clean your car.

At individual level, we should consciously save water and not waste it. The guiding principle is 3R’s — Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Methods of conservation on a large scale :

  •  Water resources are unequally distributed and lack proper planning and management. Water is required for domestic purpose, agriculture, hydro-power, thermal power, navigation, recreation, etc.
  • Utilization of water in various uses should be optimized and awareness programs about water as a scarce resource should be promoted. Water management is the need of the hour because it is a limited and valuable resource on our planet. Water management should be done under some rules and regulations. Having realised the importance of water conservation, following steps may help in managing water for future.
  • Floods should be controlled by constructing dams and by interlinking of rivers.
  • Farmers should use drip system for irrigation to avoid wastage of water.
  • Domestic and industrial waste water should be properly treated and recycled.
  • We should plant more and more trees to prevent rainwater from flowing off to alllow it to seep underground thus, recharging the water table.
  • Rain water should be harvested should be collected on roof tops or directed to the ground to raise water table.
  • Many palaces in india have an age - old practice of water storage and water recharge system like the Bawris(also called step - well or baolis). These are used to collect and store rainwater which is used during drought or when there is shortage of water.
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    Which of the following is not a way to conserve water ?

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    The technique of watering plants by making use of narrow tubings which deliver water directly at the base of the plant is ____________

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    Many palaces in India have an age - old practice of water storage and water recharge system like the __________________.

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