Potable Water

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Potable Water

Pure Water : Water is a compound. Its chemical formula is H_2O. Pure water, therefore, has nothing but H_2O molecules. Most water that you come across in normal use is not pure. It has salts dissolved in it and is, therefore, a mixture. Completely pure water is useful only in laboratories and for certain industrial applications, for example, in the semiconductor industry. For daily use, however, when we refer to pure water, we mean water that is free from objectionable and harmful constituents.

Potable Water : Water that can be consumed in any desired amount without concern for adverse health effects is termed as potable water. Potable water is clear, colourless, pleasant to taste and is free from disease, germs and impurities. It contains dissolved gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide. Water obtained from natural sources may contain impurities such as pollutants, dirt, germs. These impurities have to be removed from water to make it potable.

The following parameters must be followed before water is supplied for drinking purposes:

1. It must be colourless and free from any odour or smell.

2. It must be free from suspended impurities.

3. It should be tasteless.

4. It must be free from microorganisms which lead to many diseases.

5. It must be free from harmful chemicals.

Different types of Drinking Water :

Tap Water

When you think of drinking water, tap water is often one of the first options that come to mind. This is the water that comes directly from your faucet. It can come from groundwater like a well or surface water like a river or stream. For public safety, this water should undergo the water purification process before it flows from the main supply to your thirsty mouth.

Mineral Water

As its name suggests, mineral water is rich in minerals. This water comes from underground sources, which is why it naturally contains minerals like calcium and magnesium. These essential minerals have given mineral water a reputation as healthy drinking water. They also give this type of water it’s characteristic salty taste.

Spring Water

Of all the drinking water sources, spring water is the most popular type. Sometimes, rainwater that accumulates underground comes to the surface as a puddle, which is also called a spring. These natural springs do not go through a community water system, however, water from these springs is safe to drink because it comes from underground.

Purified Water

Purified water is a general term. It refers to any water that has been mechanically processed or filtered to cleanse and purify it. Depending on who you ask, purified water could simply refer to tap water because it has undergone multiple processes to remove impurities and contaminants and prevent water pollution. Others say that purified water is water that undergoes another step of purification after it comes from the water plant.

Distilled Water

Distilled water is another name for demineralized water. Such water has undergone the distillation process to remove all minerals and salt. During this process, the water is boiled to separate the pure H2O from minerals and other contaminants.

The contaminants in water have much higher melting and boiling points than water. Boiling water will cause pure water to turn to steam. The person distilling the water can then capture and cool the vapor, which will become distilled water.

Bottled Water

Everyone is familiar with bottled water. Bottled water can be mineral, sparkling or spring water. It can also come straight from the tap, as about 25% of bottled water in the United States does. This might come as a shock, but there is no rule that requires bottled water to come from some secluded spring.

To be bottled water, the water only needs to meet all applicable state and federal standards, be sealed in a sanitary container and be sold for humans to consume.

Alkaline Water

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Rainwater that accumulates underground comes to the surface as a puddle, which is also called a ________________.

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We get tap water from ___________________.

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Potable water is ________________.

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