Different types of Plastics

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Different types of Plastics

Material which can be easily moulded into any desired shape on heating is called a ‘plastic’. Plastics are synthetic (man – made) polymers. Plastics form an important class of synthetic materials. In plastics, the arrangement of the individual units may be linear or cross-linked.

Raw Material For Plastics :

Petroleum product such as ethane, propane, benzene, toluene etc. are the raw materials for the plastics. These materials are either directly polymerized or first converted into suitable monomers chemically and then polymerized to form plastics.

Kinds of Plastics :

       1.    Thermosetting plastics

       2.    Thermoplastics

Cross- linked polymers have side chains or cross-links, which connect different polymer chains. These can be of two types: thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics.



PET(Polyethylene terephthalate)

Making containers for microwave cooking, bottles of carbonated beverages, and other food containers.

HDPE(High-density polyethylene)

Making containers for strong and corrosive household and industrial chemicals like bleaches and acids.

LDPE(Low-density polyethylene)

Making poly bags, grocery bags, and packaging of foods and bread.

PVC(polyvinyl chloride)

Making pipes for sanitary fittings like water pipes


Making ketchup bottles, yogurt containers, medicine bottles, and automobile battery casings.


Thermocol, a form of PS, is used for making disposable cups and packaging material for fragile items like computers and televisions.


It is harder than other plastics used for making buttons, plugs, switches and other electrical things.

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Question : 1

Which of the following will be suitable for coating dress materials of fire - men ?

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Question : 2

The non stick coating on pans and other cooking utensils is made from ____________

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Question : 3

What is PET ?

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