Atomic Structure I

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Atomic structure comprises of a nucleus in which protons, neutrons, electrons are present. The structure of atom can be understood with Dalton, Thomson, or Rutherford Model. In this section of Atomic Structure Anode rays, Cathode Rays, Characteristics of Electrons, Characteristics of Protons, Defects of Rutherford Model, Discharge of Electricity through Gases, Discovery of Neutrons, Origin of Cathode Rays, Origin of Positive rays, Properties of Anode Rays, Properties of Cathode Rays, etc. have been explained. Watch the videos and master the concepts


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- Discharge of Electricity through Gases

- Cathode Rays

- Properties of Cathode Rays

- Characteristics of Electrons

- Anode rays

- Properties of Anode Rays

- Characteristics of Protons

- Thomsons Model of the Atom

- Rutherford Experiment

- Rutherford Model of the Atom

- Defects of Rutherford Model

- Discovery of Neutrons

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