Non Verbal Reasoning

Class - 9th ISO Subjects
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Here, we will cover the various topics regarding the Subject Non Verbal Reasoning for Class 9 ISO. The concepts that are mastered in the lower classes help us to crack many entrance exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, etc. At ABHYASONLINE. IN you can master the concepts at your own learning pace. It provides conceptual testing with an analytical report identifying the weak, moderate and strong concepts. The student can revise the weak concepts with the help of videos and can attempt the remedial test to know the present level of understanding. We at ABHYASONLINE believe that if the weak concepts are identified and improved then every student can achieve their goals in life. Follow the links below to master each and every concept of various topics in  Non Verbal Reasoning along with video lectures.


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- Dice - Dice Problems

- Dice - Constructing a Box


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- Cubes - Counting of Cubes

- Cubes - Cutting a Painted Cube


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- Completion of Pattern


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- Single Dot Problems

- Multiple Dot Simple Figures

- Multiple Dots Complex Figures


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- Counting of Straight Lines

- Counting of Parallelograms

- Counting of Squares and Rectangles

- Counting of Triangles -

- Counting Of Circles


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- Non Verbal Classification Identify Odd Element

- Non Verbal Classification Identify Similar Figure -

- Non Verbal Classification Same Characteristic -


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- Non Verbal Series Five Figures

- Non Verbal Series Four Figures

- Non Verbal Series Three Figures


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- Non Verbal Analogy Identify Element Of A Similarly Related Pair

- Non Verbal Analogy Identify Odd Relationship -

- Non Verbal Analogy Identify One Element Of Both The Related Pairs -

- Non Verbal Analogy Identify Relation And Choosing The Correct Element -

- Non Verbal Analogy Identify Set Of Similarly Related Figure

- Non Verbal Analogy Identify Set Of Unrelated Figure -


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- Figure Matrix


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- Formation of Figures


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- Mirror Images - Identifying Single Numbers

- Mirror Images - Identifying Two Numbers

- Mirror Images - Identifying Multiple Numbers

- Mirror Images - Identifying Single Alphabet

- Mirror Images - Identifying Two Alphabets

- Mirror Images - Identifying Multiple Alphabets

- Mirror Images - Alphabet and Number

- Mirror Images - Special Characters

- Mirror Images - Combined

- Mirror Images - Figures -

- Mirror Images - Clocks -


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- Paper Cutting


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- Paper Folding


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- Question Figure Embedded in Answer

- Answer Figure Embedded in Question


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- Water Images - Identifying Single Numbers

- Water Images - Identifying Two Numbers

- Water Images - Identifying Multiple Numbers

- Water Images - Identifying Single Alphabet

- Water Images - Identifying Two Alphabet

- Water Images - Identifying Multiple Alphabet

- Water Images - Alphabet and Number -

- Water Images - Special Characters

- Water Images - Combined

- Water Images - Clocks

- Water Images - Figures -


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