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Fuels: Substances that produce heat and light energy on burning are called fuels e.g. wood, coal kerosene LPG and petrol. Fuel is a source of energy and to obtain this heat energy, we have to burn the fuel. This burning is called oxidation. On the basis of physical state, fuels can be classified as solid liquid and gaseous.

  • Solid fuels: Fuels that exist in solid state at room temperature are called solid fuels. Example :  wood, coal, charcoal.
  • Liquid fuels: Fuels that exist in liquid state at room temperature are called liquid fuels. Example : petrol, diesel
  • Gaseous fuels: Fuels that exist in gaseous state at room temperature are called gaseous fuels. Example:  natural gas and biogas
  • Liquid and gaseous fuels are preferred for domestic purposes like kerosene oil. Care should be taken so that complete combustion takes place. Incomplete combustion results in wastage of fuel and atmospheric pollution.

    Biogas Natural Gas
    Organic waste such as dead plants and animals material, animal dung and kitchen waste are converted into gaseous fuel is called biogas. It primarily consists of methane and carbon dioxide. Natural gas is found in petroleum deposits and is released and released when crude oil is brought to the surface. The largest component of natural gas is methane.
    Biogas is an excellent fuel for cooking and lightning and produces organic matter. It can be used as industrial and domestic fuel
    It is non conventional source It is conventional source.


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    Question : 1

    Column - I

    ( Fraction of petroleum)

    Column - II

    (Main uses)

    A. Kerosene

    B. Diesel

    C. Paraffin wax

    D. Bitumen

    P. Metalling of roads

    Q. Jet aiecraft fuel

    R. Generation of electricity

    S. Lubricants


    Right Option : C
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    Question : 2

    Identify the constituent of petroleum that is NOT used in electric generators as a fuel.

    Right Option : D
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    Question : 3

    Kerosene is a mixture of _________________

    Right Option : A
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