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Why Test Generator
Abhyas Framework provides test generator to polish the skills of the learners.
At Abhyas we know the fact learner’s knowledge is polished by testing the concepts again and again are. Each learner has different strengths and weakness, also the availability of timmings is different for different learners.
Abhyas Self Learning platform allows the student to generate test from a rich question bank of 5,00,000+ questions. The student can select concepts from any topic any time and generate the test of the mastered concepts. The platform is available 24 X 7 so the student can master the concepts according to the time availability.
The Analytical test identifies the concepts which need more attention. The content for such concepts are available for the learner to master. Learner can appear in the Remedial Test comprising of the concepts..
The learner can save the time by generating the test comprising of questions of various difficulty levels using the test generator.

A Brief Look
Test Generator for Mastered Concepts
Test Generator for Pending Concepts
Test Generator - Dashboard

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